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Assignments and Digital Assets Exchange

Electronic Claims Exchange - Pooling various types of contractual debts and assets.

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How It Works?

Using best of blockchain and traditional technology Assignment Exchange will unchain billions dollars business of assignments (claims).

The world of assignments is as horizontal as a crop field.However, each specific assignment is a vertical entity. We cannot control horizontality at once, but we can process each assignment vertically. We do our best for our customers so that the assignment can be traded. If necessary, we assist each client personally so that the transaction can be made. The assignment exchange system is simple. The originator of the assignment saves the documents of the assignment and sets the price for the assignment. Purchasers can offer prices they deem appropriate. The best offer will be a transaction if the price is suitable for the transferor of the assignment and the prices overlap. Any owner may withdraw an assignment from the assignment exchange at any time.

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