Assignment.Exchange – This is the beginning

Our first steps in the assignment market are made. We are ready to list all kinds of assignments, trade them and let our clients decide the outcome. 

Assignment.Exchange Trading Platform (AETP) clients’ visions.

AETP users will be very different economic agents who willing to perform a very different set of agreements. AETP blueprints show us, trading systems are meant for various universal agreements

based on assignments from antic cession agreement logic and that there are possibilities to use AETP that all future exploitation is impossible to present.

Here are a little overview and examples of what private people and companies can do with AETP.

1.Private person.

The simplest problem for the private person is personal loans and loan agreement. Assume that Private Person wants to take a loan of 5000 euros. The easiest use is to sell a loan agreement against her/himself on AETP. It means the loan buyer is the lender and the lender can be the assignor and sell loan forward through stock like a bid/ask system. The buyer is the assignee and a Private person loan is on a free market. Everybody can buy it through AETP.

A private person can, of course, be the assignor and sell all her/his assignments on AETP. The process is very simple. Private person logs to AETP, there will be Jumio like identification, after that she/he downloading all assignment-related documents to the digital container, read NDA and assignment agreement, place the price to assignment and after the submitting data the assignment is on EETP and Private person role is assignor and her/his assignment is on market.

A private person can as assignee to find the financier for temporary bills or other loan agreements that she/he has to pay. Adding documents to assignment digital containers and put the price Privat person can sell all different obligations she/he owns.

2. Company

Mostly same thing as the private person: Then about possibilities, then the company can sell loans and banks and credit companies have to buy them through simple assignment agreements. Keep in mind that loan agreements and other related documents are in the digital container and belong to an assignment agreement. Assignee determines the provisions and the assignor have to agree if the assignor wants to buy and all this takes place in the marketplace, there mostly the same picture as the stock market only instruments are assignments.

3. Financial institutions.

Let say that Italia gets busted. There are a hundred banks, wanting to sell the loan agreements and the only way is by phone to find the old classmate in China and try to pitch the quality of the distress loan portfolio.

AETP has a solution. Italian banks can but as assignor all loans to one digital container and spread the selling information through AETP to possible buyers and even give in ask side indicative offer. And maybe there will be in ten minutes the deal and the unknown for Italian bank manager Soul credit company bought all loans.