Assignment listing tutorial (Umbrella word assignments keep inside invoices, claims, debts, contracts and all kinds of requirements.

A brief tutorial on the assignment listing. Umbrella word assignments keep inside invoices, claims, contracts, and all kinds of requirements.

New Assignment (menu “Add new”) listing consists of only a few steps:

Just a name and a brief description, the nominal price, and the selling price of the assignments on the Assignment.Exchange.

Note that the title of the assignment is not covered by the NDA contract and is public information.

Information on subsequent steps is covered by the NDA and is not public information

The documents that accompany the assignment are very important for the assessment of the assignment by the buyers.

The price of the assignment directly depends on the content of the documents, and the more documents there are and the more accurate the documents are,

the clearer the value of the assignment to buyers. As a recommendation to the lister, be sure to include the seller ID and contact details of the assignment in the documents.

After the NDA is concluded, it is advisable for the buyer to contact the seller and inquire about the assignment.

It should be taken into account that after the last step in signing the list, the assignment is immediately on the Assignment.Exchange.

The claim can be edited by selecting „All my assets” from the menu. There are many ways to deal with an assignment in this section.

The buttons have entries that you can do exactly.

In particular, legal entities, merchants whose clients owe debts, and whose debt portfolios need to be realized are expected to be listed on the Assignment.Exchange.

On the buyer side, we are waiting for debt collection companies and other so-called legal actors interested in dealing with debt claims.

The advantage of the Assignment.Exchange is that the claim is given competitive offers and the seller of the claim receives the best price.

The potential buyer of any claim is always the debtor himself. Nobody wants their claim on the open market.


Assignment.Exchange assists with the listing process and provides advice both by chat and by telephone.

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